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Free short stories of enchantment or an adventurous plot, free access to some of the world’s best short stories and children’s books. Short Stories are essentially a short prose of creative writing intended to captivate the reader into one single theme. To cut a long story short, literally, they are an invented story much shorter than a novel. Instant free access to some of the world’s best-loved short stories and children’s books online. Search from our list of famous and classic short stories.

Short stories can evoke a whirlwind of emotion.

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The Unscrupulous Proposal

The announcement of Lord and Lady Haxleys arrival was like the sound of a great wave breaking on the shore, before instantly receding in a gentle hum of disbelief.

Mary, the housekeeper, continued a little perplexed, ‘Accompanied by —’ 

With horror Richard Myers frantically began to search for Catherine. He was in no doubt who had accompanied them. His father would attend to the Haxleys, but he would have to move fast if he were to prevent Catherine, from seeing the scoundrel.

Thomas Benton, then tapped the base of his glass on the table several times.

Hear — hear!’ Thomas shouted. ‘Hear — hear!’

His sudden authoritative burst stole the announcement of Paul Watkins, who had accompanied the Haxleys.

‘Good heavens!’ He exclaimed, ‘You look as horrified as I was, when I first heard of Richards promotion.’

Awkwardly Richard smiled, twisting his large frame through the small congregation.

Thomas continued to welcome the guests and congratulate Richard Myers, on becoming a partner in the family’s long-established law firm.

After only a few minutes Richard saw Catherine, standing dutifully beside Mr and Mrs Ashington.

He hesitated a moment to tidy himself up quickly.


Instinctively he turned to find George Thurston, reaching for his hand.

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Free Short Stories

Once upon a time, I read a short story . . . quite similar to mine. Then my expectations were suddenly dashed, because; ‘Well!  I wasn’t expecting that.’😮

At Just An Emotion you will certainly find romance, intrigue, and also suspense, but above all enjoyment mixed with a little flurry of excitement.


The calm before the storm, an intimate notion before the next verse creates the suspense. It’s just an emotion, a sudden stimulus before reason, an influx of joy or trepidation.

Short stories can also, for a brief moment, take you on a journey to some faraway land and evoke a transition of feelings.

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Stories can create fantastic imaginary, people or characters and events. Historical fiction set in the past can leave you feeling a sense of disbelief.

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