• as destiny intended short story, book cover
    Romantic Mystery,  Short Story

    As Destiny Intended

    As destiny intended, a translucent glimmer embodied the night and the stars became shrouded in uncertainty; if her fate were to become her nemesis, she would accept it rather than forcing the hand of luck. The doom and gloom of solitude, her circumstance never intentional; her purposive desire merely fell on delusional imps. She could not change the way she felt about any of them. Why should she even consider anything less than what destiny intended? Anna stood for a moment in a kind of trance; six whole years, her bedroom had been her sanctuary, a shrine almost. She thought of her father, unshaven and smiling with a coffee in…

  • the spirit of covid19 vaccine
    Just an emotion

    The Spirit Of Covid19

    A vaccine is, without doubt, our only hope, the absolute spirit of our determination, to defeat this deadly disease. We have sacrificed so much for us now to risk our own selfish beliefs, which could undermine an entire nations efforts. The Vaccine A New Narrative of Hope  A sharp frost had transformed the usual desolate dark winter gloom into a spritely array of wonder as I started my regular brisk walk. When suddenly, I heard light, footsteps behind me. It was unusual for anyone to be about at this godforsaken hour. After a quick shudder, I decided to increase my pace and crossed over down into key street, then across…

  • feelings justanemotion
    Just an emotion

    Short Stories Of Feelings

    Short stories of feelings can create a romantic moment filled with a sense of wonder. An intimate journey of nostalgia, empathy, and, most of all, an emotion that allows you to reflect on life’s sensitivity. It is a romance with words, tentatively creating short stories of feelings, an imaginary plot of a world where true love often runs deep. Tis yours. “Oh, where art thou tentative heart of whom I seek?” “May you quench thy emotion, an allow me, to sleep.” New Short Stories Of Feelings      The Embers Of A Lifetime by A I Moffat published in 2021 The embers of a lifetime lay burning at my feet,…

  • the stolen dream short story
    Short Story

    The Stolen Dream

    To dream, a dream, on this perfect night for things to be wishfully, just right. A mystical awe of desire of which I might aspire. Alas! Out of reach until I sleep, I’ll keep wandering down this street, with hope in my heart for fortune to strike, you never know, it just might—an unconscious request, not in jest, intuition, ambition, a sense— my quest. “Oh, how divine maybe one day, mine, you’ll see just give it time.” Justanemotion Introducing one of my favourite short stories, The Stolen Dream by Richard Le Gallienne. An English author and poet, which was first published in 1912. With the addition of some illustrations, and…

  • English Dialect Examples & Meaning

    You Alright

    Why do British people say, “You Alright?!”  You Alright is essentially a British term commonly used to ask someone if they are okay, which is a friendly gesture of saying hello and inquiring if you are well. However, it does have an underlying meaning of acceptance; for example, it reflects a persons willingness to accept you or allow you to continue. The second part would imply it is seen as a question and an exclamation, making it a metaphor. Ultimately this would depend mainly on how it is expressed, regarding the circumstances. The only way we can be sure if they are purely inquiring after your wellbeing is when they…

  • The Unscrupulous Proposal, short romantic mystery story, cover
    Romantic Mystery,  Short Story

    The Unscrupulous Proposal

    The unscrupulous proposal of Richard Myers received the disdain it so rightly deserved. The father would have none of it and insisted he would not interfere in his daughter’s private affairs. It was a relief to Catherine, who did not consider it necessary to discuss such an imperious letter. Although her mother, Mrs Ashington, questioned her relationship with an acquaintance of Lord and Lady Haxley, who had been identified as an imposter. On the grounds, the letter amounted to nothing more than blackmail, hoping it would persuade them to accept his proposal, Catherine was not prepared to discuss the matter any further. Mr Ashington agreed and insisted that the implications…

  • Love And Romance,  Short Story

    The Embers Of A Lifetime

    The embers of a lifetime lay burning at my feet, memories of those I had learned to love fading slowly before me. They had given me so much strength a reason to fight. Yet, there was nobody to come home to, to hold my flesh and bone, to make me feel alive again. Only the calm waters of the brook could awaken my nightmare, for part of me still felt unsure of whether or not; I still lay on the battlefield, staring up into the abyss. A lifetime of toil, nor riches nor fame, a mere peasant boy, “Alex, was thy name.” It all began on Dreary Lane, home of…

  • A feeling of Uncertainty
    Love And Romance,  Short Story

    A Feeling Of Uncertainty

    She turned in a smile, 'I'd better be getting back to the library, you know how mother likes to get there, early.' 'Yes —' he replied sadly. . . . . A feeling of uncertainty made her question her decision. Was it just her mother being overprotective. She knew deep down she wanted their blessing, no matter what. It had been nearly seven years; she began to ponder since she had started working at the library. Every Saturday, her mother would always make sure she was there to walk her home, even during the winter months when the night came early, to ensure she got home safely. In the summer…

  • Book Cover for An Inconstant Heart, romantic short story
    Love And Romance,  Short Story

    An Inconstant Heart

    An inconstant heart is thrown into an array of breath-taking joy and excitement, only to be quenched by a mother’s overprotective nature. A formidable twist of events slowly unfolds when she shares the news with her parents. Unsettled by her mother’s reaction, she soon realised all was not as it seemed—a short romantic story by A I Moffat, full of emotion.    When a whelm of emotion causes palpitations of one’s heart.  Together they stood under a willow tree in a glorious array of pale green; the heat of summer had caused them to seek shelter and, most of all, privacy. Mathew looked curiously at her smile, then up at…

  • Horror

    The Hairpin

    The Hairpin turns sharply upon itself and within its clasp are tiny threads of woe, for some poor forgotten souls. A sharp turn in the same direction leads him back from whence he came; only when he can defy his natural reaction to danger and continue straight can he finally reach his darkest hour. His father was approaching a hairpin bend when an oncoming vehicle stole his sight. He struggled to regain his vision, now frozen in darkness by the light, their journey tragically comes to an end—a young boy strapped in his seat drifts in and out of sleep. He hears his mothers fearful cry; now tormented by the…