Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories are a special time to help improve your child's reading skills and imagination. A quiet time to enjoy together and bond naturally. Short stories will improve your child's vocabulary, phonics and their ability to understand emotion and, expressions. These precious moments can instill a sense of harmony, before they finally fall off to sleep. Children's books are a unique way of sharing emotions, laughter, worry, and fear, before the happy ever after. A bedtime story creates conversation and allows you the opportunity to discuss any concerns or doubts your child may have. It also gives you an insight into how your child mind works. Reading together will improve your child's well being, in many ways. And help you understand them better, their likes and dislikes and even their fears. This special time can be a mixture of fairy tales, nursery rhymes or a short story. It will increase your child's vocabulary and encourage them to read independently as they grow. Fairy tales of mystical magic and woes allows their imagination to grow. Nursery rhymes instill a poetic connection with words and a greater understanding of sounds and songs. Today many popular bedtime stories have an historic value that gives your child an insight of times gone by. History plays an important part in their development of understanding the world today. The benefits of reading a bedtime story, either a fairy tale, riddle or even a rhyme are endless. It will improve both your child's creativity and possibly even your own.

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