Just an emotion

Just an emotion a simple prose where it leads no one know's, until it is complete. A novel a poem or a masterpiece. When imagination really begins to stir, fairy tales can occur. A host of creative writing waiting to be read sometimes just before bed, nursery rhymes to bedtime stories. A archive of literature from novels to quotes.  

  • the spirit of covid19 vaccine
    Just an emotion

    The Spirit Of Covid19

    A vaccine is, without doubt, our only hope, the absolute spirit of our determination, to defeat this deadly disease. We have sacrificed so much for us now to risk our own selfish beliefs, which could undermine an entire nations efforts. The Vaccine A New Narrative of Hope  A sharp frost had transformed the usual desolate dark winter gloom into a spritely array of wonder as I started my regular brisk walk. When suddenly, I heard light, footsteps behind me. It was unusual for anyone to be about at this godforsaken hour. After a quick shudder, I decided to increase my pace and crossed over down into key street, then across…

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    Just an emotion

    Short Stories Of Feelings

    Short stories of feelings can create a romantic moment filled with a sense of wonder. An intimate journey of nostalgia, empathy, and, most of all, an emotion that allows you to reflect on life’s sensitivity. It is a romance with words, tentatively creating short stories of feelings, an imaginary plot of a world where true love often runs deep. Tis yours. “Oh, where art thou tentative heart of whom I seek?” “May you quench thy emotion, an allow me, to sleep.” New Short Stories Of Feelings      The Embers Of A Lifetime by A I Moffat published in 2021 The embers of a lifetime lay burning at my feet,…