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    Hannah is a short story by the exciting new author A I Moffat, who conjures up the worry and heartache of being a mother.  Hannah Jones has a chance to rekindle the close relationship she once shared with her daughter by Charlotte’s arrival, her daughters closest friend.  A short story of intrigue which captures the imagination. Hannah By A I Moffat Hannah Jones was kneeling in front of the fire when she heard the girls open the front door, her head tilted slightly to one side. A warm faint smile grew as she listened to them. She thought of how time had flown and, felt a sense of pride in…

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    The Suspicious Jackdaw

    The Suspicious Jackdaw is a delightful, educational short story, not just for children. A unique tale which teaches us a valuable lesson. It is from a collection of short stories by Jean Ingelow, an English author and poet and was originally published in 1865. With the addition of some illustrations, and only a few – slight – changes to enhance a more modern reading experience, we hope you enjoy this short and pleasant tale. THE SUSPICIOUS JACKDAW. There never was a more suspicious mortal in this world than old Madam Mortimer, unless it was Madam Mortimer’s Jackdaw. To see him peep about, and turn his head on one side as…

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    Short Story


    Charlotte is a short story by the exciting new author A I Moffat following on from A Touch Of Love.  Emily’s best friend Charlotte brings a touch of glamour to the sleepy Suffolk village. Her bubbly persona becomes a contagious breath of fresh air. Will Emily, trust Charlotte with her secret of who her new lover is?  We hope you enjoy the wait at the bus stop with Emily, be sure to wrap up in something warm. And make sure to enjoy a nice hot drink halfway through. 😊   Charlotte By A I Moffat  ‘You look nice.’ Billy laughed. She smiled weakly, from behind the collar of her coat.…