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    Hannah is a short story by the exciting new author A I Moffat, who conjures up the worry and heartache of being a mother.  Hannah Jones has a chance to rekindle the close relationship she once shared with her daughter by Charlotte’s arrival, her daughters closest friend.  A short story of intrigue which captures the imagination. Hannah By A I Moffat Hannah Jones was kneeling in front of the fire when she heard the girls open the front door, her head tilted slightly to one side. A warm faint smile grew as she listened to them. She thought of how time had flown and, felt a sense of pride in…

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    A Touch Of Love

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    A touch of love has stolen all sense of reasoning and, Joe finds himself struggling to accept reality. Has the relationship born from a tentative touch of compassion really reached the end? Can Emily ever make the boy understand, or will Joe’s utterance of love change everything? A mere touch of love can evoke a sense of ease.   A Touch Of Love  by A I Moffat It wasn’t a mistake, she told herself. Things happen for a reason; she was convinced of that. He had given her so much, more than just his affections. She couldn’t allow him to think it had just been a mistake; without him, she…