• Horror

    The Hairpin

    The Hairpin turns sharply upon itself and within its clasp are tiny threads of woe, for some poor forgotten souls. An acute turn in the same direction leads him back from whence he came, only when he can defy his own natural reaction to danger, and continue straight can he finally reach, his darkest hour. Approaching a hairpin bend, his father is suddenly blinded by an oncoming vehicle. He struggles to regain his sight, now frozen in darkness by the light their journey tragically comes to an end—a young boy strapped in his seat drifts in and out of sleep. He hears his mothers fearful cry; now tormented by the…

  • Hannah short story book cover by A I Moffat
    Short Story


    Hannah is a short story by the exciting new author A I Moffat, who conjures up the worry and heartache of being a mother.  Hannah Jones has a chance to rekindle the close relationship she once shared with her daughter by Charlotte’s arrival, her daughters closest friend.  A short story of intrigue which captures the imagination. Hannah By A I Moffat Hannah Jones was kneeling in front of the fire when she heard the girls open the front door, her head tilted slightly to one side. A warm faint smile grew as she listened to them. She thought of how time had flown and, felt a sense of pride in…

  • Short Story

    A Short Story

    A short story is essentially a short prose of creative writing intended to captivate the reader into one single theme. To cut a long story short, they are an invented story to capture the readers’ attention—immediately. These brief fictional pieces of creative literature can transform the reader’s mood. Short Stories are regarded in the publishing world as fictional narratives. An author will often thrust the main character into trouble immediately, to capture the readers’ interest. A sense of curiosity will gradually lead them through a variety of unforeseen circumstances until finally, the story begins to unfold. The best short stories can have you in suspense right to the very end—before—revealing…

  • A Touch Of Love, short story, book, modern story
    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love Page 2 –

    A touch of love has stolen all sense of reasoning and, Joe finds himself struggling to accept reality. Has the relationship born from a tentative touch of compassion really reached the end? Can Emily ever make the boy understand, or will Joe’s utterance of love change everything? A mere touch of love can evoke a sense of ease.   A Touch Of Love  by A I Moffat It wasn’t a mistake, she told herself. Things happen for a reason; she was convinced of that. He had given her so much, more than just his affections. She couldn’t allow him to think it had just been a mistake; without him, she…

  • A touch of love by A I Moffat book cover, short story
    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love is a short story by A I Moffat, who conjures up the innocence in a young boy who struggles to understand why reality should come in the way of his affections. Emily soon becomes increasingly concerned that she has made a dreadful mistake, yet finds herself drawn to his innocence time and time again. Just a touch of love has awoken a child who lived in an imaginary world of his own, afraid of allowing his true depth to be exposed. An illustrated short story of intrigue which captures the imagination. We hope you enjoy a touch of love. A Touch Of Love  by A I…