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    The Twilight Guests

    Old man and The Twilight Guests is a wonderful short story of an old man being revisited by familiar fond memories of old friends who have long since past. A wonderful short story by the American author and poet Josephine Dodge Daskam, who wrote a series of short stories based on her own experiences. With the addition of some illustrations, and only a few—slight—changes to enhance a more modern reading experience, we hope you enjoy this short story. The Twilight Guests When they left him, in the warm, late afternoon, lying listless on his couch in the porch, they thought he would stay alone there till they came again. His…

  • A Touch Of Love, short story, book, modern story
    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love Page 2 –

    A touch of love has stolen all sense of reasoning and, Joe finds himself struggling to accept reality. Has the relationship born from a tentative touch of compassion really reached the end? Can Emily ever make the boy understand, or will Joe’s utterance of love change everything? A mere touch of love can evoke a sense of ease.   A Touch Of Love  by A I Moffat It wasn’t a mistake, she told herself. Things happen for a reason; she was convinced of that. He had given her so much, more than just his affections. She couldn’t allow him to think it had just been a mistake; without him, she…

  • The Wind flower short story of fiction
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    The Wind Flower Page 2

    The Wind Flower had blossomed into a kind of mystical dryad of the woods; her utter earthly wildness fascinated him. He was left feeling completely mesmerised by Sarah, the windflower, will her earthly wild romance with the wind encapture him once more.   The Wind Flower Until late the next morning he wandered in strange, wearied, yet fascinating dreams with her. Vague sounds, as of high-pitched reproaches and quiet sobbing, mingled with his morning dreams, and when, with an aching head and thoroughly bewildered brain, he went to his late breakfast, Mrs Storrs served him; only as he left for the train, possessed by a longing for the great, busy…

  • By A Mere Accident, Book Cover
    Love And Romance

    By A Mere Accident

    By A Mere Accident – was first published in 1904 by the author E Nesbit, an English author and poet who is best known for her children’s books such as; The Railway Children, The Story Of The Treasure Seekers, and The Woodbegoods.  A consequential utterance caused by a mere accident, could change his life forever. Although a questionable, chance encounter leads to a dramatic change of events, this short story has a definite twist. With the addition of some illustrations, and only a few – slight – changes to enhance a more modern reading experience, we hope you enjoy this short but delightful tale. By A Mere Accident Her fresh,…

  • A touch of love by A I Moffat book cover, short story
    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love

    A Touch Of Love is a short story by A I Moffat, who conjures up the innocence in a young boy who struggles to understand why reality should come in the way of his affections. Emily soon becomes increasingly concerned that she has made a dreadful mistake, yet finds herself drawn to his innocence time and time again. Just a touch of love has awoken a child who lived in an imaginary world of his own, afraid of allowing his true depth to be exposed. An illustrated short story of intrigue which captures the imagination. We hope you enjoy a touch of love. A Touch Of Love  by A I…