The Spirit Of Covid19


A vaccine is, without doubt, our only hope, the absolute spirit of our determination, to defeat this deadly disease. We have sacrificed so much for us now to risk our own selfish beliefs, which could undermine an entire nations efforts.

The Vaccine A New Narrative of Hope 

A sharp frost had transformed the usual desolate dark winter gloom into a spritely array of wonder as I started my regular brisk walk. When suddenly, I heard light, footsteps behind me. It was unusual for anyone to be about at this godforsaken hour. After a quick shudder, I decided to increase my pace and crossed over down into key street, then across into a wooded stretch that ran alongside the main road.

On passing over a dirt track to continue through this stark leafless landscape, a shiver came over me of a feeling someone was still following me. It was then I turned around and saw what seemed to be an old— woman. She walked a few more paces towards me, then stopped.

Immediately I went over to her to make sure she was all right. Her back was slightly bent, but as I approached her, she turned her head to face me.

‘Is everything okay?’ I asked.

Ehh?‘ She squawked back at me loudly.

vaccine narrative the spirit of covid19

‘Who are you?’

‘Ehh?’ She protested again. 

I felt uneasy at being so close, especially knowing that I had decided to wait a few more months before being immunised against coronavirus. What else could I do? I needed to make sure she was all alright. Slowly I bent down to her, ‘Who are you? And are you okay?’ I asked, practically screaming in her face.

Ehh?’ She grunted, but this time pointed at me with her mouth slowly widening.

Ah— ah — a-choo!

Her oafish sneeze forced me backwards until I found myself staring up into her deep cold dark eyes.

Ah— ah — a-choo!‘ She expelled once more.

It was— terrifying, quickly; I began pushing myself away from her.

Ah— ah — a-choo!

The wretched old hag was moving towards me, I yelled for her to stop, but she kept coming. There was nothing else I could do but to get up and run.

My whole body shook; my heart was racing with the thought of who the hell was she? Then the fear gradually gained possession of my mind— I stopped suddenly in my tracks. No— No— I kept repeating, insisted over and over again. The uncertainty gnawed at me for being so stupid; I should have had the vaccine. A moment or two passed as I drew breath, thinking, turning, scratching my head whilst looking back down the track.

As I continued on my way, a feeling of shame came over me. After all, she was just a little old lady. I must have scared the living daylights out of her; I chuckled to myself, realising how ridiculous I was being. Then came a sense she was still there, behind me, following me. I turned.

Along the crisp white shimmering passage of bracken, the grey arched figure still came shuffling toward me. Immediately I continued on my way, running faster than before. After a while, It occurred to me that somehow I must have taken a wrong turn, but there was absolutely no way I was going to turn back. I was confident all the paths would eventually lead me back to where I started, and with my steady pace, it would not be long before I was safely home.

The more I ran, the more ridiculous I began to feel, me a strong fit man running away from a little old—woman or was it the needle?  No, of course not; I was not afraid of a tiny injection— me?

No— No— Not me. I wasn’t scared of anything.

The path weaved up and down over sandhills until I reached a great lake, there it ended. I stood gasping for breath, knowing there was now no escape. This ghostly grey figure had somehow led me here, not following me after all but guiding me.

Here, exhausted and defeated, I sat, staring across the crystal clear water of the lake, aware of my fate. God! she was no ordinary woman; I knew then I was not invincible after all and had left it too late.

Darkness then fell upon me, knowing she now stood directly behind me. I wished her away, begged for a second chance, repeatedly promised to get the jab until a whelm of emotion took over me, and I turned seeking her forgiveness.

‘Ehh? She grunted, ‘No, escape! — Eh?’


For heaven, sakes! There’s nothing to fear; release yourself and have the vaccine. 


To find out more information and help, visit the NHS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccine Website.

You can find further information by visiting Who.Net Corovavirus Disease (Covid-19).


The Spirit Of Covid 19

Original short story by A I Moffat

Photography by

©All rights reserved 2021



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Illustrations by Annaliseart.


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