2023 Quotes Of Love

2023 Quotes Of Love are an exclusive selection of new adorable releases of endearment. O’ the spirit of the heart rushing into spring for love is a wonderous thing. A new year to share a fragment of your affections with the one you love. Silly or sweet, who knows who you might meet. So keep on your toes and leave them a note🥰 Or recite it in a little quote.

I hope you enjoy these meaningful quotes of love and have a wonderful, romantic year.

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New & Exclusive 2023 Quotes of Love

My kiss day wish I send to you — I miss you.

Under a white coverlet of lace, I yearn for your embrace.
Serene lush pastures sway on a beautiful summer’s day.

O’ how my heart yearns for you —

Lost in a love that must be true, I can’t help but dream of you.

In a warm, tender whisper, these three words I send to you;
‘I love you.’

Taken from the new romantic poem for the 13th of February 2023,

Kiss Day Wishes by A I Moffat

your love is bliss, I can't resist.

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