As Destiny Intended

As destiny intended, Anna believed that kismet might shine fondly on her one day. Like it had done for her sister Isabella. She had accepted that it would be far better than living a lie if her fate were to be that of a spinster.
She dreaded the notion and assured herself fortune would shine down on her. Although her mother was less inclined to leave it to chance. Anna was determined to wait rather than force the hand of luck.

After all, love was peculiar; she was unsure how she should feel. Most of the men her mother had introduced her to were mere boys. Neither of them seemed to have any real grit, unlike her father. She was unsure of what to expect. Is he dark, tall, short or fat? What did destiny hold for her?

There was one thing she could be sure of, she cried.

I’m not going with Paul, bloody Rose!.

‘Oh, Anna, he’s a very polite young man who thinks the world of you.’
‘I don’t care; I’m travelling down on my own’.

Paul Rose! For heavens sakes!’ She cried.

Her mother sighed, and Anna laid down her book in quiet acceptance that it had been a stressful week for her mother. Isabella, her younger sister, was getting married on Monday, and her mother had been busy helping with the final preparations. She was still upset with her mother for suggesting she drove down with Paul Rose. Then when she found out her mother had written his name down next to her on the seating arrangements at the main table, things escalated.

He was not family, nor was he likely to be, and the last thing she wanted was to give him the wrong idea. Nevertheless, her mother insisted she was taking it all too seriously and that she needed to come down to earth because life was what you made of it.

With half-closed eyes, she watched her mother carry a neat pile of freshly ironed blouses past the bottom of her bed. Anna thought that if that were the case, then her mother was hell-bent on making it for her.

‘O’– Anna, you spend all your time hidden away up here with your books.’ Mrs Ashley frowned, ‘Don’t you think it’s time you did socialise a bit more?’

Anna turned with a heavy sigh, lifting her feet off the bed. She sat briefly, staring at the floor with her back facing her mother. Her eyelids gradually closed in the hope her mother would forget about him. She knew of her disappointment, but she was shy, and rarely was she inclined to entertain those her mother found acceptable. If she were—destined to marry a man, he would undoubtedly present himself as destiny intended. Although at thirty-three, she had begun to wonder if that special someone had turned the wrong corner or fate had played a dirty trick and that now he might never appear.

As Destiny Intended

‘You know, I don’t know what all the fuss is about; he is very handsome and likeable.’

‘Do you remember the time he drove you to—’

Mum!‘ Anna cut in, opening her eyes, then immediately stood up in frustration.

What!‘ Her mother exclaimed, ‘I was just going to say that he’s been very good to you—over the years.’

‘Yes—I know, but I’m not going to change my mind.’

Her mother drew a long noticeable breath, then exhaled, ‘Right!—Well!—I suppose that’s everything, then?’

Anna smiled with her lips, faintly absorbing her mother’s restraint in a suppressed, silent sigh.

‘If I’ve forgotten anything, I’ll text you and let you know. Are you sure you will be alright travelling down by yourself?’

‘Yes!—I’m sure.’

Tis yours!

“Oh, where art thou tentative heart of whom I seek?”

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As Destiny Intended

 Original short story by A I Moffat

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©All rights reserved 2021


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