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Book Choice Reviews

Book Choice Reviews offers unique insight into authors from a variety of genres. When it comes to choosing your next read, look no further, for book reviews and interviews of published authors. These comprehensive book reviews will give you an enjoyable introduction to new authors and their published works. With a growing body of titles and genres, book choice review will introduce you to new and exciting authors. Their in-depth appraisals will help you choose your next book.


Take some time to discover new authors and their unique stories.


We are delighted to introduce The Book’s Delight, who offers a comprehensive insight into a variety of newly published books.




Book Choice Reviews, The Books Delight, Book reviews Author interviews and more. The books delight offers free review on books traditional or Indie, preference is skewed toward historical fiction.
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The Book’s Delight welcomes you to come and stop awhile, grab a coffee or glass of wine and settle into a comfy chair. Read some fabulous author interviews which dig deep into the stories behind the story, asking unusual and probing questions of your favourite authors. While you’re here, check out some fantastic books.  We only review those we rate 4 or 5 stars, so no stinkers here. Sprinkled in are articles about the writing process. There is something for everyone!


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