Category: Horror


Horror a short unimaginable sudden gasp, emits a frightful cry, a horror story or some evil tale captures your most dreaded fear.

The darkest prose of fiction, waiting to be unleashed

Intense palpitations of fear, an eerie quest, a mystery into the unknown.

Nothing is quite as it seems, a speculative prose, no one really knows. Although it has been said that in the dead of night, an eternal darkness lurks, hidden in the smallest crevices, waiting for you its mortal prey.

Here where a possessed trembling soul reveals his darkest encounter, before fading back into a torturous mind.

Terrifying short stories, poems, quotes all curdling away to take you far beyond the realms of reason.

Be careful not to stray; it only takes a few words missed before you here a fearful — hiss. Always watching, waiting for the slightest mistake and your theirs to take.