Feelings Of Love

Feelings Of Love is a short poem to capture in words the utter excitement we feel when we fall in love for the first time. The poem was released in 2022 to express that irresistible emotion of love. Yet, I suppose we all experience this feeling differently. And, of course, there are so many different kinds of love.

What are feelings of love?

Feelings of love are a natural emotion of affection stimulated by a particular quality or feature that evokes a warm sense of care or desire—a fond, compassionate attachment of the heart that brings great joy and happiness.

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Feelings Of Love

A sudden unexpected sensation of pleasure, a burst of trepidation eased into pure poetry.
Love, love, love, is a passion that makes our hearts sing.

What are the signs you are in love with someone?

I suppose – I stared at him with frightened, questioning eyes.

As I looked at him, a sudden rush of excitement filled my heart; he laughed and said, “I’m nothing to be afraid of—I’m only Paul Lewis.”

I was a foolish, excited little girl when I first saw him.

Then I was only a little girl. So I ran down the stairs, dashed out of the front door and down the three shallow steps that led to our brick walk, and there I almost ran into him. I suppose I stared at him with frightened, questioning eyes.

“Oh,” I said.

The Feeling Of Love

It felt as though I would die from shame at my own stupidity, for all power of speech was taken in an instant. I had no idea why no words came to me and why the blood ebbed to my heart. A rush of gladness that was almost triumph swept over me

Feelings of love are magical emotions of the heart, often unexpected. Yet what is the fear about? And is this fear the actual flame of our feelings?

What does true love feel like?

It’s that incredible feeling you get when you first meet. A light flutter of one’s heart, a sense of fear knowing something extraordinary is about to happen, and then when it does, wow wee🥰 you kiss.

just a kiss, of love

Silly me😁, Oh, how I wonder if it’s just a child’s heart that sings.

A quick note by the Author:

As a writer, the greatest reward is knowing the enjoyment a reader gets from his work. However, there is always a feeling of uncertainty. Your comments are of great importance in helping me improve my skill and your enjoyment. Your comments will be much appreciated and of great value.

a worried look of concern

Original Poem by A I Moffat

Illustrations by justanemotion.com

©All rights reserved justanemotion.com 2022


The photo of a boy was by Puplicdomainpictures.

Pictures, including fancy page breaks, were by Annaliseart.

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