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Short stories of feelings can create a romantic moment filled with a sense of wonder. An intimate journey that touches the very core. Nostalgia, empathy, and, most of all, an emotion that allows you to reflect on life’s sensitivity. A romance with words, tentatively creating short stories of feelings, an imaginary plot of a world where true love often runs

Tis yours.
“Oh, where art thou tentative heart of whom I seek?”
“May you quench thy emotion, an allow me, to sleep.”


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Book Cover for An Inconstant Heart, romantic short story

An Inconstant Heart

Together they stood under a willow tree in a glorious array of pale green; the heat of summer had caused them to seek shelter and, most of all, privacy. Mathew looked curiously at her smile, then up at her enchanting, almost bewildering gaze, he was thinking adoringly.

In a shallow subdued voice, Mary then said to him, ‘It’s not fair that we should have to meet like this, in secret.’        Read more 


The Embers Of A Lifetime

A lifetime of toil, nor riches nor fame, a mere peasant boy, “Alex, was thy name.”The embers of a lifetime by a i moffat, book cover

It all began on Dreary Lane, home of servant girls governed by a Mrs Geraldine Fanshaw. The place was born from need; farm-labourers in haste had built four timber-framed dwellings from the remains of an old barn. These hardworking farmhands later moved to Church Street, into more suitable accommodation.

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The Unscrupulous Proposal, short romantic story, The Unscrupulous Proposal

Paul Watkins relationship with the Haxleys had allowed him the privilege to attend such occasions. Although he always remained unapproachable and seemed to prefer his own company. He had caused more than a few people to speculate that he was not of this world. On one such occasion, he did suffer and, it was Catherine who took pity on him. She led his pale, sunken image out into the cold dead of night.

It was nothing but mere superstition as far as Richard was concerned. The idea that this fellow was some unearthly creature who had somehow stolen her soul was ridiculous. Catherine had merely felt sorry for him and, it was in her nature, to nurture something back to health. Read more


Once Upon A Time                                    

Stories can create fantastic imaginations of people or characters and events. Historical fiction set in the past can leave you feeling a sense of disbelief.

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