Kiss Day Wishes, Snippet

Kiss Day Wishes Snippet from the poem Kiss Day Wishes. A poem about a wish in slumber with a little twist in wonder. It’s meaningful prose to encourage you to follow your dreams. After all, they can come true—a new release in 2023 to inspire your heartfelt wishes.

A valentine’s wish of wonder.

Kiss day wishes are a natural emotion of affection stimulated by a particular quality or feature that evokes a warm sense of care or desire. Often this affection is reciprocated in kiss day wishes that bring great joy and happiness. I genuinely hope your wishes do come true; I do, I do!

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Kiss Day Wishes, Snippet

Kiss day wishes; I wish you were here.
Only my deepest thoughts can draw you near.
A warm, tender whisper of, I love you, I won’t be long —.
And in my slumber, I did wonder;
Where you’ve gone — ‘O’ breakfast in bed.
That’s what you said; I love you, I do — I do.’
I’m so glad we tied the knot.

An Extra Little Verse

Now you are gone; I wish you were here. Only the sweetest memory holds you near. We kissed in kiss day wishes under the shimmering, whispering branches of a willow tree.

Kiss day wishes filled with passion and love. The trepidation of it all and excitement until valentine’s day.

The Full Version Of Kiss Day Wishes

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Feelings Of Love

A sudden unexpected sensation of pleasure, a burst of trepidation eased into pure poetry.
Love, love, love, is a passion that makes our hearts sing.

A quick note by the Author:

As a writer, the greatest reward is knowing the enjoyment a reader gets from his work. However, there is always a feeling of uncertainty. Your comments are of great importance in helping me improve my skill and your enjoyment. Your comments will be much appreciated and of great value.

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Original Poem by A I Moffat

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