Love Love Love

A sudden unexpected sensation of pleasure, a burst of trepidation eased into pure poetry.
Love, love, love, is a passion that makes our hearts sing.

It’s that incredible feeling you get when you first meet. A light flutter of one’s heart, a sense of fear knowing something extraordinary is about to happen, and then when it does, wow wee🥰 you kiss.

Love, love, love, is a passion that makes our hearts sing.
Love Is Bliss

Silly me😁, Oh, how I wonder if it’s just a child’s heart that sings.

The Wonder Of Love

This increased happiness that had come to me. I wondered, “I am in love!” At once, I blushed and trembled at the thought that this thing had been in my heart and had no name. This desire to love and serve all the world and mainly to help him was love.

I lay awake far into the night, wondering at the marvel of it. Like, a young mother may wonder over the splendour of the birth of a child. I did not then want anything of him at any other time. All I wanted to do, I was then doing, was to pour out my whole nature toward him— like sunshine.

Passionately, that night I prayed to God to make him happy and to make me good. It never once occurred to me that he could love me in any other way than he did. When I went down to breakfast the following day, it was with a shrinking modesty, as though I had gone down naked, as though they might guess the secret within my heart. I felt they must have. It was with astonishment and a dumb wonder that I realized they had not. My heart was a garden enclosed, my secret safe within it.

I would have died sooner than have said the word aloud to any human being, least of all to him.


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Original Poem by A I Moffat

Illustrations by

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Pictures, including fancy page breaks, were by Annaliseart.

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