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Love quotes or a small fragment of an endearment reflect a bit of the love felt towards another. An excerpt of a deep emotion put into words to express feelings of affection. Short extracts from books or poems often capture the desire felt and offer great sentiment.
Whether a romantic verse or a mere snippet of love, these lovable quotes ignite the passion for love.

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2023 Quotes Of Affection are a mixture of adoring verses of pure sentiment.

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Is it just a child’s heart at play?

Who can say but emotions like this are sheer bliss

I suppose – I stared at him with frightened, questioning eyes.

As I looked at him, a sudden rush of excitement filled my heart; he laughed and said, “I’m nothing to be afraid of – I’m only Paul Lewis.”

A foolish, excited little girl I was when I first saw him.

I ran down the stairs, dashed out of the front door and down the three shallow steps that led to our brick walk, and there I almost ran into him. I suppose I stared at him with frightened, questioning eyes.

“Oh!” I said.

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